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At 8:21 you might recognize the guy in the checkered white and blue shirt in the audience.

We practice a specialized form of chiropractic called “The Gonstead Technique.” Developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead in his 55 years of practice in Mt. Horeb, WI, he had the largest chiropractic clinic of his time. Dr. Gonstead saw patients with all types of health ailments and quite frequently, after accepting his care, they had astounding recoveries.

Dr. Kramer, our Glencoe chiropractor, is an active member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.

Less than 2% of the chiropractors in Minnesota specialize in the Gonstead Technique. Most chiropractors decide not to use this technique because the analysis and treatments take more time. The Gonstead adjusting technique allows our Doctors to use a thrust that requires no twisting (like other techniques).

Why is Gonstead chiropractic care better? We offer a comprehensive approach that treats the entire person, not just the symptoms. By encouraging a proactive approach to one’s health, our purpose is to improve the quality of individuals’ lives. Structural chiropractic care can help increase energy, improve sports performance, and help with all sorts of other issues including back pain, digestive problems, back and neck pain, migraines, asthma, sciatica, infertility, colds, and colic. At Glencoe Family Chiropractic, we will help you keep your body at its best so you can live a healthy life.


We go beyond what many chiropractors consider a spinal assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using the seven criteria:

Chriopractic Glencoe MN Degree Requirements

  • Visualization: We analyze your posture and walking patterns for subtle changes. Then, assess the asymmetry of your musculature and other structures of the body.
  • Static Palpation: We physically examine your spine while feeling the spinal area for swelling, tight muscle fibers, changes in skin texture, and for protrusion of bony structures.
  • Motion/Palpation: This process involves feeling the spine while moving and bending it at various angles. While we move your spine, we feel each individual joint for movement and lack of movement.
  • Chriopractic Glencoe MN NervoscopeNervoscope Instrumentation: We guide an instrument called a Nervoscope down the length of your back. The “scope” feels like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine and detects uneven distributions of heat. The Nervoscope is an important tool because when a spinal bone misaligns, inflammation (heat) results. This inflammation causes nerve pressure. The Nervoscope locates this abnormal heat in your back and helps to pinpoint where your problem is at.
  • Chriopractic Glencoe MN Surface ElectromytographySurface-electromyography Testing: Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is an instrument that works similar to how an EKG detects electrical activity in the heart muscle. The sEMG detects the electrical activity of your spinal muscles through electrodes placed along your spine. sEMG analysis is important because misalignments of spinal bones cause muscles to abnormally tighten, producing “too much” electrical activity in the muscle. Over time, these misalignments cause muscles to fatigue, producing “too little” activity in the muscle. This test is completely pain-free and allows us to quantify the degree of muscle tightness and/or muscle fatigue, using an objective tool.
  • Chriopractic Glencoe MN X-RaysX-Rays: Full spine digital X-Rays enable us to visualize the entire structure of your spine in a weight-bearing position. This analysis is helpful in evaluating for disease, fractures, posture, joint and disc integrity, as well as vertebral misalignments. Important angles are measured and analyzed to determine whether they fall within the normal range.
  • Symptom Correlation: Finally, we analyze your symptoms and correlate them with the examination findings described above. After this thorough and detailed cross-examination, we accurately diagnose your condition, pinpointing your specific problem area. This accurate diagnosis helps you get better, feel better, and stay symptom-free.


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