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We provide quality, corrective chiropractic care to our local community in Glencoe MN, and beyond.


Putting yourself at the center of your health means getting the care you deserve. We recognize that healthcare is an art that is unique to each individual and practitioner, and not a contract, an algorithm, or just a mandated protocol. We focus on our personal relationships with our patients and take a detailed approach to their health, empowering them with treatment options that work long term.


It is essential for us that our patients get tailored treatment. Rather than do things the 'usual' way, we follow the Gonstead system which is designed to properly diagnose root causes. When causes are properly addressed, symptoms are naturally alleviated.


We utilize a cash-pay model for our business. This means that:

  1. We are 'out of network'.
  2. We 'do not accept assignment' for most insurance companies.

You get customized care at an affordable rate without having to deal with the overhead and wait times that come with insurance.

Speak with your health insurer about your out-of-network coverage before scheduling an appointment in order to avoid any surprise bills. As a courtesy to our patients, we provide the following form to assist you in having this conversation with your insurance company, CLICK HERE.

We work with Automotive, Medicaid, Medicare, Personal Injury, and Worker's Compensation Insurance according to State and Federal laws. Under State and Federal law, insurance claims from an out-of-network provider are typically fully covered under Automotive, Personal Injury, and Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry. Our rates and customized payment plans allow easy access to high-quality care for you and your family.

We are willing to provide statements to you after your visits, which you
may then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement or to be
applied to unmet deductibles. Please note that in keeping with our model
of keeping costs low for all, we are out of network, and we do not accept
assignment for most insurance companies. We also do not do prior
authorizations or adjustments for insurance purposes unless required by law.


We accept - at the time of service - any combination of cash, check, credit / debit cards, and HSA / FSA cards. If there is a method of payment you would like to use and do not see listed here, call us to ask!



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