What We Treat


When the vertebrae in your spine shift from their original positions, which can happen through impact or injury, it throws off the proper alignment of your spine.

If this occurs, nerves and muscles become irritated and send messages to your brain, telling it that there is something wrong. This can cause pain and irritation in all areas of the body. The spinal shifts that cause these pains are the primary conditions treated by general Chiropractic care.

More specifically, Structural Chiropractic takes an engineering approach to treating these conditions of the spine. The goal of this approach is to make you feel better, in addition to having you see the evidence that your spine has changed for the better. This is accomplished by taking full spine weight-bearing X-rays throughout your treatment. Getting accurate and precise measurements of your spine allows Structural Chiropractors to perform very exact and accurate corrections that help your body get back to its normal structure. Once the foundation has been fixed, it is then important to keep the correction in place. This can be accomplished through customized recommendations designed exactly for your spine, so that the problem does not come back. It is in this state, then, that your body heals best!

If you are tired of constantly patching your health problems, and are looking for a long-term solution that you can both feel and see 

for yourself, Structural Chiropractic care is right for you. Further, if you are looking for exceptional quality care in the Structural Chiropractic field, Glencoe Family Chiropractic is the right place for you. Our team is made up of caring health professionals, who want what is best for you, long term. We are passionate about our 

mission to help you through Structural Chiropractic care, and can’t wait to see the results of your progress with you!

The following is a list of conditions that we frequently see and treat patients for. If you don’t see your condition listed, please call us to see if we do treat your condition as this is not a complete list.

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Auto Accident Injuries Joint Pain
Work / Personal Injuries Posture Related Issues
Headaches Dietary / Digestive Issues
Neck Pain General Fatigue
Shoulder Pain Allergies
Upper Back Pain Asthma
Mid Back Pain Plantar Fasciitis
Low Back Pain Scarring Issues
Extremity Pain Infantile Colic
Sciatica Ear Infections
Scoliosis And much more…