Pam Horton

I first met Dr. Kramer when he joined the Shady Lane Sportsmen Club where I am also a member. I had been to another chiropractor in 2009 after a motorcycle/deer accident that I was involved in, but I hadn’t been to him in over 4 years. In November of 2014, the knot in my upper back under my right shoulder blade had gotten so tight that it was making my neck hurt and causing headaches. It was painful to turn my head, especially while backing up the car. I decided to give Dr. Kramer a try. After the x-rays, physical exam and reviewing the films, it was determined that it was most likely caused by the accident. After a couple visits the pain began to subside greatly. After a couples months it was like it was never there and as an added bonus, my lower back that usually acted up in the spring with my “uber” gardening hasn’t given me any trouble… especially since my war on weeds began several weeks ago! You could probably call him “the muscle whisperer” or it may be the fact that chiropractic principles work even if you don’t believe in them. Whichever it is, you should give him a try!

-Pam Horton