Nathaniel Frauendienst

I started seeing Dr. Kramer after he was recommended by a couple of friends. I was suffering from lower back pain for more than three years, I was driving with my left foot, I couldn’t stand for any length of time, and just plain walking was becoming difficult. I had been to a couple of different medical doctors, and went through physical therapy with only short-term results. My final visit was to an orthopedic surgeon, who recommended that I have surgery to remove a nerve in my lower back. Not wanting to take this option without making sure I had explored all other options, I started talking to people about what I was experiencing. That’s when Dr. Kramer’s name came up. I was told, “When you meet him, you will think some of his suggestions are ‘crazy,’ but give him a chance and you will see that he will be spot on.” What I was told is 100% correct. I have steered clear of surgery, I can drive again with my right foot, and walking is no longer difficult. Give Dr. Kramer and his staff a chance. You will have nothing to loose and you will be surprised what you have to gain.

~Nathaniel Frauendienst – Age 18