Mrs. S. M.

Before treatment:

migraines (2-4 a week, missing work, etc.); TMJ & jaw problems; ringing in ears; sensitivity to noises; blurry vision; tin taste in mouth; neck pain; sawing of neck when turning; tingling/sleeping hands and feet; pain in left side (knee, hip, wrist, etc.); Lower back pain; IBS; acid reflux; nausea and vomiting pre and post menstrual; couldn’t sit for more than an hour w/out pain; couldn’t walk far without pain in knee & hip.

 After treatment:

migraines – one since treatment started, treated with over the counter medicine and gone within hours. No missed work; TMJ & jaw issue – non-existent; ringing in ears -gone; sensitivity to noises – gone; blurry vision – slight; tin taste in mouth – non-existent; neck pain – gone; sawing of neck when turning – non-existent; tingling / sleeping hands and feet – only if I do too much; pain in left side – only when I sleep on my side too long; lower back pain – nonexistent; IBS – almost non-existent; acid reflux – still taking prescription until through with 120 day treatment program.

But no additional rolaids/ tums; nausea and vomiting pre and post menstrual – none since the start of treatment; couldn’t sit – sitting through concerts, church, plays, etc.; Couldn’t walk -shopping for hours at a time without pain. Danced at a wedding this summer – first time in 9 years; canned 65 quarts all in one night without pain or numbing in hands (used to take one week to do); held my grandbaby and walked with her – first time in 9 years without having my hands and arms going numb and back going out; played outdoors with my grandson without pain; wore shoes with a slight heel – first time in 9 years. I could go on and on and have to anyone that will listen.

I have gone from 12-15 pills a day to 2 (one for acid reflex and one for maintenance of my migraines, but plan to stop both at the end of my 120 day treatment program). Until I found Glencoe Family Chiropractic this past spring, I was a non-believer of chiropractors and regularly tell Dr. Kramer so. The treatment program that Glencoe Family Chiropractic uses is unique and one that anyone with any pain should explore. Thank you for coming to our area and thank you for giving me my life back!

~ Mrs. S. M.