Michelle Nieters

I began experiencing excruciating lower back pain after doing various activities, some or all of which may have been the culprit for my lower back “going out.” My back pain reached a point where I could find no relief with sitting, standing, walking, or lying down; even sleep was nonexistent. Any movement became unbearable. After seeking treatment with a different chiropractor, who gave me no relief after a couple of visits and told me I should just seek treatment with a medical doctor for pain medicines, my husband contacted Dr. Kramer, whom he has known for many years. We live a couple of hours away from Dr. Kramer, so we decided to spend 3 consecutive days with Dr. Kramer and his lovely family so that I could receive one-on-one attention.
Dr. Kramer’s expertise was so profound that he was able to prediagnose my condition based on my limitations and symptoms, and his diagnosis was confirmed after obtaining x-rays in his clinic. In just 3 days, after 5 adjustments, ultrasound, traction, and massage, I was able to move any direction, as well as sit, stand, walk, and even sleep without pain! Dr. Kramer also taught me stretching exercises and recommended specific modalities to use when I returned home to continue treatment of my lower back.
My followup care has been closer to home with a new chiropractor, who has been following the same techniques used by Dr. Kramer in order to complete my treatment plan. I understand the road to recovery will be long, but at least I finally received relief for my lower back and can function day to day without pain!
I am very grateful to Dr. Kramer for all his attention, care, and knowledge, and thank the Kramer family for looking after me!
God bless you all!
Mrs. Michelle Nieters