Michael Madsen

I had back, neck, and shoulder pain. I also had severe tension and anxiety. I was plagued with daily tension headaches and myofascial pain. These conditions were daily and chronic.

It took every ounce of energy to take care of day-to-day chores. I couldn’t keep a full-time job or workout.

Now I have more energy and can focus. I have less shoulder, back, and neck pain and stiffness. I have no tension headaches. I sleep better, eat healthier, exercise, and relax more. In the past, I would have adjustments (from other chiropractors) without ever getting to the root of the problems.

I find Dr. Kramer to be very professional; he looks at all aspects of my conditions. Causes from old injuries as well as nutrition are all taken into consideration. After getting adjusted, my neck and shoulders always feel better. I have a lot more flexibility with less tension and pain. Dr. Kramer is very friendly, helpful, and informative.

In the future, I would like to continue healing so I can pursue my hobbies, career, and social life in a healthier, more productive way. I never fully realized how spine care played a key role in my overall health—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Chiropractic care may drastically change your overall outlook on life in a more positive way. It has mine!

Michael Madsen