Laurina Zajicek

I have suffered from back, leg, and feet pain for several years. I have had a very difficult time walking and going through my day-to-day activities. My pain became so severe that I found myself spending less and less time with the people I cared most for. I had worked with several other chiropractors in the past with little improvement.

After hearing about Dr. Kramer from my daughter- in-law I decided to see if he could help me. For the past four months I have been seeing Dr. Kramer and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I am feeling much better and back to walking; something that I have not done in a few years because of the pain in my legs and feet. I also am able to chase my great grandson around the house! Dr. Kramer is very thorough and keeps going until a person feels better.

Thank you so much Dr. Kramer for all you do for me!

~ Laurina Zajicek