Kim Rose

I stopped by Gert and Erma’s for a snack after I left your office this morning. I happened to read your article in the local paper about Chiropractic care. I noticed the various testimonials that you’ve gathered. Lots of symptoms and many improvements noted. Since you seem to have a lot of those I’d prefer to provide a testimonial about the care that you provide, as opposed to a list of improvements that I’ve seen. Your approach to medical practice is what I talk about to my friends and the reason that I would refer others to you. Beyond ‘bone cracking’ (as my Gram calls it) your thoughtful, holistic outlook is what makes you unique as a doctor, let alone a chiropractor. That approach is what drew me to you and why I decided to give chiropractic care another try.
I was originally hesitant and nervous about seeing a chiropractor. When I first saw you I was in an unfamiliar, vulnerable state of health. The discomfort from back pain affected my ability to work and fatigued my mind. I felt weak and compromised, both physically and mentally. I knew that I needed to do something and somehow my intuition led me to your clinic. That $20.00 consultation session offer really pushed me through the door. It was a great way to encourage me to take a step that I would not otherwise have taken. My past experience with chiropractors was brief, targeted toward pain relief, and used as a last resort. I haven’t read or heard many good things about chiropractic care so my confidence in the profession overall was low. However, your thorough consultations, and x-rays which were a key visual confirmation of the problems at hand, where enlightening. Suddenly some of my ailments starting making sense. More importantly, the fact that you weren’t prepared to start adjusting before you could adequately assess my situation for that need, or prepare a cohesive plan, truly impressed me with your thoughtful and genuine interest in me as a patient.
When I talk about the treatment process with my friends I say that our doctor-patient relationship has been a good working partnership right from the beginning. We share common goals aimed at restoring my health to a level that is appropriate for my age. This requires consistent work from both parties. You provide the adjustments, soft tissue mobility, Thai massage therapy, nutritional and supplementation diagnosis. I commit to good nutrition, taking supplements, stretching and muscle building exercises. Halfway through our treatment program I’ve already gained significant strength, neck and back mobility, and seen improvements in my general health. As a bonus I’ve also benefited from your skills and interest in dealing with minor ailments which might benefit from manipulation or only require a natural remedy. Either way you have many tools and approaches at your disposal, and I consider you to be a whole-service provider in many respects.
I can be a demanding patient. I ask a lot of questions, sometimes repeatedly (and on purpose), and expect results more quickly than they are likely to appear. I’m pleased to note that you take this in stride. I want to thank you for the extra time and detailed information that you provide during treatments. This has continued to build my confidence in your care and the treatment program. My sincere thanks to you for getting me back on my feet and feeling stronger again. I look forward to continued improvement moving ahead!

~ Mrs. Kim Rose