Judy V. Markgraf

I’d been having some back pain since I was about 40, but it was mild and during that time, I saw about 4 different chiropractors.  My back would be good for a while, but then I’d have to go back in again and get adjusted again.

About 6 years ago, I was forced to quit working because my left knee went out and I literally was on crutches from one day to the next.  Nothing I could do would stop the knee pain and I started receiving cortisone shots for relief.  The cortisone would only be effective for a short time before I’d have to go back in again.  Then my right knee started giving me pain….at least I thought it was my right knee…so I received a cortisone shot in that one, too.  But the pain didn’t go away.  In fact, the pain moved to my right hip and went down my leg.  It got so bad that I was back on the crutches and sometimes laid 3 days in bed to relieve the pain, because even the crutches and the narcotics I was prescribed weren’t helping.  So back to the doctor.  An MRI showed that my sciatic nerve was being severely pinched. So, I had a cortisone injection inserted right were the pain was coming from, and for me, that was the most painful experience I could remember since I’d been through childbirth seven times.  That injection only lasted six weeks and I was in excruciating pain again that only bedrest and narcotics would help.

So, the only alternative, they told me was back surgery to relieve the pain, not knowing that my back would never get strong again.  The surgeon accidentally poked a hole in my spinal cord, so that spinal fluid was leaking out.  So, after waking up after the surgery I was told I would have to lay flat on my back for 24 hours “because it was just a little poke” to be sure that it healed.  I knew that the pain I experienced then was much worse than childbirth.  The one good thing was that the sciatic pain was gone, though.

However, my back never became strong again as it had been prior to the surgery.  I went through physical therapy with the therapist at the clinic, plus one winter I went through therapy again at the local nursing home.  That summer I decided I would plant a garden and work in it for my therapy.  That was a big mistake because my back went out again.  This time it wasn’t sciatic pain, but it was low back pain that wouldn’t quit and I went back to taking the narcotics again.  I tried therapy again, but it wasn’t working for me, in fact I got worse to where I started walking with a cane.  Finally, I demanded another MRI and it showed some nerve pinching and the only other alternative I could do was go back under the knife.  I did not want to repeat that again.

My sister-in-law had given me one of Dr. Kramer’s cards and told me how good he was in treating her.  I carried that around for a couple of months, but I finally made the phone call and set up the appointment for Feb 1, 2018.  My husband and I were both impressed with what Dr. Kramer told us and showed us after the x-rays, etc.

Treatment started in Feb and I will be honest to say that it wasn’t always easy.  I had one major setback, which Dr. Kramer said was not unusual, but with his encouragement and the encouragement I received from his wonderful staff, I improved.  I had one other minor setback, but in a short time my back healed from that one, too.

Today, I still see him regularly, but I have improved so much that I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel.  I walk without any mechanical assistance now, do not take narcotics at all, and feel 98% better than I did when I first walked into his clinic with my cane a year ago.

In addition, Dr. Kramer has helped me to get my diabetes under control with the use of his supplements and of course diet.  When I started coming here, I was eating gluten free, because if I didn’t, I would have digestive issues that were bad enough that I couldn’t leave home because I needed the facilities there in emergencies.  It was quite a problem trying to have a social life, or even going to church, and sometimes my appointments.  Dr. Kramer told me he didn’t think it was gluten that was causing my problems after he did a simple test for me.  (I had complained to my medical doctor for 3 years that I was having digestion issues, but she just told me to be careful what I ate…no tests, no attempts to find out what was causing it, etc. etc.)  Anyway, I am happy to say that I do not have those issues any longer.  I attribute that to the supplements and the adjustments that this smart doctor has performed on my back.

I love this clinic, I love this doctor, I love the staff that works here, and I love how good I feel now compared to what I felt like when I started here.  I thank God every day for the wonderful improvements I’ve made and I owe it all to Him and Glencoe Family Chiropractic!

Judy V. Markgraf – a much healthier and ‘younger’ woman1