Irene Makovsky

I thought the pain I was experiencing was just a part of aging that I must expect and endure. Then, I received a postcard from Glencoe Family Chiropractic in the mail, but I threw it away thinking this won’t help me. I reconsidered, and decided to give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Kramer evaluated my condition and came up with a plan to alleviate my pain.
After starting treatment, my lower back and hip pain has been greatly reduced. My balance has improved; I have learned exercise and stretching techniques to strengthen my body to help keep me pain free. He has offered suggestions for weight loss, and general good health.
Dr. Kramer has a positive attitude about life, and is happy in his work. He has a genuine concern for the physical and spiritual well being of his patients.

Thank you so much Dr. Kramer for all you do for me!

~ Mrs. Irene Makovsky