Gary Polzin

When I arrived at Dr. Kurt Kramer’s practice, my back was in serious trouble. Walking and standing were nearly impossible tasks. Sitting or lying down was difficult at best. In the past three years I have had two back surgeries and one cortisone injection to cancel my back and pain. These efforts helped only for short periods of time.

I had to try something else. One of my coworkers asked me to give Dr. Kramer a try. On my first visit I heard my options and agreed to them.

Glad I did! After 8 weeks all my back pain is gone. I’ve been told, follow up treatments are needed to train muscles to keep my spine in alignment. I will continue on a maintenance schedule. I enjoy living with no back pain and no pills. If you are someone with a serious back problem, my advice for you is, give Dr. Kramer and his staff a chance to change your life.

Mr. Gary Polzin