Carol Dammann

I have been treated by Dr. Kramer since he arrived in Glencoe. I have been getting adjusted regularly and getting supplements for my overall health. Recently I got a new puppy and tripped over him right before bed. I didn’t fall, I felt ok and the puppy was fine. The next day the pain in my hip/thigh got worse as the day wore on. By 4 pm I could hardly walk. I phoned Dr. Kramer and luckily found him still at work and he told me to come right in. I told him what happened. He checked to see if my pain was joint related and found that I had sprained several muscles. He did ultra sound and Graston treatment on the area. I walked out of the clinic in MUCH less pain then when I arrived. I was very happy to wake the next day with not much pain at all!! I did go back that next afternoon as per Dr. Kramer’s advice. He did the same therapy again, but in a lighter less intense manner. I am very happy to say that in 2 days my hip/thigh is pain free!!

Thank you so much Dr. Kramer for all you do for me!!!

~ Carol Dammann