Aidan Young

When I was in 2nd grade, I started having migraines. My mom took me to my regular doctor and he said to track when they happen and how severe they are for one year. I mostly felt sick and just wanted to be in my room with all the lights out. I would sleep for hours. During this time, I had three to four per month. After a year, my regular doctor looked over all my migraines and told my mom that because most of them occurred during the warmer seasons, that it was most likely due to a hydration problem, and that I should drink more water. This did help a little, but I still continued to have a couple migraines per month. A few years later, I started having lower back and neck pain when sitting for a long period of time during the MN Comprehensive Assessment tests. My back felt so sore after sitting in a chair for the whole day. Since a year of visits to Dr. Kramer, I have only had three migraines and in school my back doesn’t hurt anymore and on the soccer field I can feel a big difference when I run!

Thank you Dr. Kramer!
-Aidan Young