The Real Reason for Pain

pain image

Pain causes you to pay attention to something that is out of the ordinary or not quite right.

Pain is kind of like the body’s door bell to bring our attention to a specific area. It is a warning that a limit of some type has been reached in terms of function and that the body is not equipped to handle the activity and is unable to adapt further. It is a not-too-subtle way your body alerts you that a change in your action is required.

The body’s ability to experience pain is actually a good thing. Imagine a diabetic with neuropathy into their hands or their feet… they could not even feel when they step on a tack or touch a hot stove. This obviously has the potential to cause further injury to them than if they had felt the insult coming on right away.

When we misinterpret pain or make pain go away without tending to its underlying cause, we get into trouble. That is what happens when we rely only on pain medication to “make the pain go away”. Over-The-Counter meds (OTC’s) are ultimately designed to disconnect the door bell of pain, and many times they do very little to resolve the underlying problem or issue. In fact, I have yet to hear that the cause of someone’s pain is a deficiency of pharmaceuticals in their breakfast food.

Many people begin care in our practice because of a painful symptom. If you are experiencing pain, we promise to help identify the underlying cause of your problem as best we can, and then offer safe and natural solutions to your body’s cry for help.