Miss Samantha Graupmann

I started seeing Dr. Kramer in July of 2012, for a cheerleading back injury from my sophmore year. I had headaches, and I have had ringing in my ears and ear problems ever since the age of three.

My headaches have gotten a LOT better where I rarely have them at all anymore.

I had ear tubes put in when I was 5 and I have had ringing in my ears since. Visits to an ear specialist have not helped with that, so I am hopeful that Dr. Kramer can help with that too.

The main reason I see Dr. Kramer is for a back injury that I had when I participated in cheerleading. Another cheerleader fell on me and I twisted my back. I have felt a LOT of relief in my upper and lower back. Now we just need to get the middle of my back moving and I think I’ll feel GREAT!  All ready to go to college this fall.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Kramer, he always has time for my questions, and he really knows A LOT!

Thank you so much for all that you do for myself & everybody!