New Patient Forms


Application for Care

Click here to print the Application for Care form, and fill it out before your first visit.

Application for Care (3 pages) (11-03-20)


Cancellation and Return Policy

Please note our Cancellation and Return Policy before your first appointment.

 Coming Soon – Please call 320-864-8000 with questions.



Nutritional Forms

To be used only when directed by your doctor. Please call 320-864-800 with questions.


Adrenal Fatigue

Coming Soon – Please call 320-864-8000 to request this form.


Daily Record of Food Intake

Use the following link: Daily Record of Food Intake Form (SP)


Symptom Survey

Use the following link: Symptom Survey Form


Toxicity Questionnaire

Use the following link: Toxicity Questionnaire



Other Forms


Autonomic Nervous System Chart

Use the following link: Autonomic Nervous System Chart


Spinal Nerve Function Chart

Use the following link: Spinal Nerve Function Chart