Mrs. Sharon Hoese

I didn’t go to Dr. Kramer with joint pains and aches.  I just wanted to generally feel better. The result is that I’m 15% lighter than I was, have a lot more energy, and am much more flexible than I’ve been in years.   I feel good. Besides that, it is always pleasant to see Dr. Kramer and his staff.  Thank you, Glencoe Family Chiropractic.

Katie M.

After my fourth child I started experiencing some instability and pain in the area of my right hip. Upon seeing Dr. Kramer, he explained that it was primarily my lower back. After agreeing to a regiment of adjusting my spine as well as my knees and ankles, the problem area has improved greatly — it feels much more stable and is not causing me any pain. I have been seeing him on a regular basis to prevent that from happening again, and my husband as Continue reading →

Mrs. Lesa Hueser

I have been extremely happy with the quality of care Dr. Kramer has given me. The complete package of adjustments, Graston, and stretching have done wonders to make me pain free and more flexible. I can tell that Dr. Kramer truly cares about injury prevention and healing. Welcome to the Glencoe business community, you are a great addition!

Mrs. Kim Rose

I stopped by Gert and Erma’s for a snack after I left your office this morning.  I happened to read your article in the local paper about Chiropractic care.  I noticed the various testimonials that you’ve gathered.  Lots of symptoms and many improvements noted.  Since you seem to have a lot of those I’d prefer to provide a testimonial about the care that you provide, as opposed to a list of improvements that I’ve seen.  Your approach to medical practice is what I talk about Continue reading →

Mrs. Jill Pevestorf

When I first came to see Dr. Kramer I had a number of problems including bad headaches, upper back pain, lower back and hip pain. Through following the personalized treatment plan Dr. Kramer designed just for me, I have made wonderful progress. I am now able to ride bike, run, play with my kids, and do all activities pain free. I am sleeping better and I wake up in the morning feeling well rested again. Thank you so much Dr. Kramer!

Miss Samantha Graupmann

I started seeing Dr. Kramer in July of 2012, for a cheerleading back injury from my sophmore year. I had headaches, and I have had ringing in my ears and ear problems ever since the age of three. My headaches have gotten a LOT better where I rarely have them at all anymore. I had ear tubes put in when I was 5 and I have had ringing in my ears since. Visits to an ear specialist have not helped with that, so I am hopeful Continue reading →

Mr. Gary Polzin

When I arrived at Dr. Kurt Kramer’s practice, my back was in serious trouble. Walking and standing were nearly impossible tasks. Sitting or lying down was difficult at best. In the past three years I have had two back surgeries and one cortisone injection to cancel my back and pain. These efforts helped only for short periods of time. I had to try something else. One of my coworkers asked me to give Dr. Kramer a try. On my first visit I heard my options Continue reading →

Mrs. Maple Anderson

About ten years ago I started suffering from migraines. As time progressed the migraines continued to get worse. I have been to many different Drs., been on many different medicines, seen many different chiropractors, and had CAT scans. They have landed me in the emergency rooms and I have missed countless days of work and life. I was getting a migraine up to four times a week and was taking pain killers, muscle relaxers, and migraine medicine for at least one if not two of Continue reading →

Mrs. Mary Koralewski

I went to see Dr. Kramer when I re-injured my back. The 15 years following my initial injury saw me visiting both chiropractors, who were occasionally able to give limited relief, and medical doctors, who treated me with steroids and muscle relaxants. Nothing helped long term – in fact it usually only made the pain bearable. Dr. Kramer through a thorough examination, an intensive treatment plan, adjustments, stretches, Graston, advice, and education, has me on the very amazing path to recovery. Among the many major Continue reading →

Mr. Cory Chmielewski

After visiting another chiropractor for a number of times my pain was still acute and I did not see any results or improvements. The combination of mid and low back pain was so bad that I could barely walk, bend over, or even tie my shoes on my own. Working was almost impossible. I came to see Dr. Kramer with the hope that somebody would be able to tell me what was going on with me. Dr. Kramer took X-Rays and pinpointed my cause of Continue reading →