Building a Treatment Plan

girl on grandpa shouldersAre you curious as to how I shape and form your customized treatment plan? How many visits and how frequent should they be? This is where clinical experience and the “art” of chiropractic come into play.

Your history of incidents and accidents, your condition as observed in the exam process, your age, your lifestyle, and many other factors are evaluated, recorded and compared. Each factor weighs in and plays a role in the recommendations we make for the first phase of your care.

A plane needs enough speed to take off. So too with our initial recommendations: If the visits are too far apart, we won’t create enough momentum to reverse the downward trend. If the visits are too frequent, the body doesn’t have enough time to put the adjustments to use. Selecting the right balance between too frequent and not frequent enough requires real skill and clinical expertise.

As treatment progresses, we may need to re-evaluate, but the goal is always to help you achieve true wellness as quickly and efficiently as possible!