Meet the Staff

Brenda - Chiropractic Assistant

Brenda: Chiropractic Assistant

Pam - Chiropractic Assistant

Pam – Chiropractic Assistant

Terez - Chiropractic Assistant

Terez – Chiropractic Assistant

What I like best about the clinic:  I enjoy seeing the colossal improvements in our patients’ health, beginning at Day 1. It’s so rewarding to see our work as a team pay off and change so many lives for the best!

What changes have I witnessed: Where to start? We treat patients ranging from one week old to retirement age…and I can’t think of a single patient case over the past few years that, with full commitment, hasn’t had positive changes. From “My 8 month-old son has finally started sleeping through the night” to “I’m actually able to play with my grand-kids again”, the success stories just keep coming in and keep getting better!

Favorite patients: I like our “Eeyore patients” – they come in under a cloud of doldrums, but when chiropractic care starts alleviating their pain, they start cheering up. 🙂 Our clinic wouldn’t be the same without their long-awaited smiles!

Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy horseback riding, reading classical adventure literature and listening to (all genres but rap) music.

A bit about me: I have been part of the team since 2014. I am working part time as I am also in school for my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts.